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Any questions? Here you get the answer

  • Is there a height limit?

    Yes, the guests’ height limit is 195 cm or 76 inches

  • How long will I be in freefall?

    The body size will influence the freefall speed, the smaller the slower, the bigger the faster, in general it is around 45sec.

  • How long is the parachute ride?

    The gentle parachute ride takes about 5 to 8 minutes before we land as briefed.

  • Can I talk under the parachute?

    Once you get under canopy it becomes very quiet and you can talk normally to your instructor as you glide back to the landing area.

  • Can we talk in freefall?

    Generally speaking, you can talk, but since freefall speeds reach up to 120mph, the wind passing by makes it difficult to hear.

  • Are your instructors licensed?

    All our tandem masters are licensed, highly professional and have years of experience.

  • Do you have insurance?

    No. Therefore, you will be asked to fill out a release of liability before you jump. This is standard procedure at any skydiving center.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept most major credit cards and debit cards but you can pay also in cash

  • Fun Jumper

    Requirements: Minimum USPA -B- licence, 100 jumps. Registration, Introduction, ground transport to heli, per slot CHF 95. Bring your own gear, no rentals.


What is so special about jumping from a helicopter?

The best and only way to see the Alps up close is with a scenic helicopter flight — this why at Skydive Interlaken they are our choice of aircraft. View Helicopter

Your Moments

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At Skydive Interlaken we pride ourselves on having a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while offering a very unique experience. The only way to maneuver through valleys, glaciers and high mountain peaks is with a helicopter, and this is why at Skydive Interlaken we choose to jump from these aircraft. This makes it very special and rare as there are not may other dropzones around the world that jump solely from a helicopter.

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Years of experience

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You will feel at home here at Skydive Interlaken with our friendly professionals who are happy to share this experience with you.



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